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Bob was Catering Officer for about 15 years and resigned in March 2017

Catering Officer Bob Hayes
Bob Hayes
My sister persuaded me to join the Camping & Caravanning Club in 1979. We initially camped with Ribblesdale BCC but we joined the North West Folk Section a few years later after attending a holiday meet in Tywyn and enjoying the dance sessions in the local village hall. On returning from the meet we joined a folk group near our home. I have been married to Vivienne since 1963 and have a son and a daughter and also four grandsons. I enjoy American Square Dancing as well as English folk dancing. I held the post of Treasurer of the Section for a few years and Sites Officer for a year, but came off the Committee for a few years until being elected again.

Molly was on the Committee for many years and was the MC Co-ordinator and resigned in March 2017

MC Co-ordinator
Molly Clouston
Molly Clouston
I have been married to Allan since 1960 and we have four children and five grandchildren. We joined the folk section in 1999 after staying at Penley overnight and ending up staying for a week.

Never having danced or played music before, we joined two dance clubs, Colne and Whalley and I soon started to learn the guitar until someone showed me a melodeon and I became hooked on that.

Barbara was Vice-Chairman from 2012 and resigned in 2016

Barbara Smith
Barbara Smith
I was persuaded by Bill to try camping when the children were young and I became hooked ! After several years of tenting mostly in Wales when the children flew the nest we decided to try a caravan (what luxury) . Having joined the C and C Club 26yrs ago we have had many years attending DA meets before joining the Folk section. We have made many friends and enjoyed many meets with them for almost 5 years now.We are members of Adlington and Chorley folk dance club and at last we think we are now fairly proficient!! I enjoy card making having caught the bug at Halsall craft classes.

Bill was Publicity Officer from 2012 and resigned in 2016

Public Relations Officer Bill Smith
Bill Smith
My interest in the outdoors came from my parents who were very keen cyclists and campers.I started hiking and climbing on an outward bound at Coniston which I have continued since (but not climbing any more !!! ) Barbara and I first met when I was playing drums at a dance in 1958 and we married in 1963.We have a daughter and son who are both caravanners,so the interest is passed on. We have 5 grand children and a great grand daughter.We joined the Folk group in 2007 after being introduced to it by Ian and Maureen,who we had met at a DA meet at Dwyran We visited Halsall at their suggestion and the rest is history,

Liz was Secretary from 2010 and resigned in 2015

Secretary Liz Rogers
Liz Rogers
I started camping as a student using a tent on trips to the Dales with friends despite my mother's dire warnings as to damp and cold. Although Jim and I are relative newcomers to the folk group, becoming members 5 years ago, we have been keen campers since we first met more than 30 years ago. We have 3 sons who also enjoy camping, all preferring tents. Our youngest son attended a holiday meet in Somerset when he was just 3 weeks old, we had intended to go to the continent but realised that it may be easy to take a baby without a passport to Europe but it would be a tad tricky explaining him to the customs.

Ray was our Treasurer has been our Treasurer since 2012 and resigned in 2015 because of health problems and sadly died soon afterwards

Ray Hartnell
Ray Hartnell

Mary and I began camping long ago with the children. In due course they left home and when we moved to Lancashire we took up camping again primarily to enjoy walking over the fells in the Lake District. In 2001 we bought a campervan, re-joined the Camping and Caravanning Club, found the North West Folk Group, and haven't looked back since. I am a committee member of the Whalley Country Dance Group and Mary and I regularly attend the Colne & District Country Dance Club and the Accrington Group.

Margaret was on the Committee for about 17 years before resigning in 2012 and for many years was our Publicity Officer

Public Relations Officer Margaret Sudlow
See the first part of Tony Sudlow's profile above. I have been PRO since joining the Committee in 1996 and am Secretary of Chorley & Adlington Folk Dance Club. My main time absorbing interest is craft and I am a member of Bolton Quilters and Chorley P’s and Q’s. I run various craft workshops.   

Tony was on the Committee for about 17 years before resigning in 2012 and was our Treasurer for 12 years.

Tony Sudlow
Margaret and I joined the "Camping Club" in 1963 when we bought our first of three tents. We graduated through a DIY motor caravan to a caravan in 1980. Unfortunately we did not become involved with the Folk Section until about 1987, by which time our two children had fled the nest. The Folk Section has expanded our horizons and our circle of friends. We are both keen walkers, an interest which we are able to pursue during camping weekends. We are members of Chorley and Adlington Folk Dance Club. I was Treasurer for North West from 1995 until 2008 and Treasurer for Lancashire Folk since 2000. I am a caller and walk leader. We have two young grandsons.

Alan held various posts on the Committee and was our Chairman from 2003-2007. He resigned in 2011

Committee Member/
Alan Davies
Alan Davies

Lilian and I have been in the Camping and Caravanning Club since 1978. We started camping as Back packers, progressing to frame tents, a caravan, trailer tent then back to caravans. We joined the Folk Group in 1985, when our son John went to the National Youth Rally at Congleton and decided he wanted to join the NWFG youth section. Regrettably, because of health reasons we are not able to dance any more, but enjoy the music, craft and friendships we have made over the years. We have organised the Tywyn THS for a number of years now and really enjoy this meet. I have been associated with Scouting for a number of years, starting as a parent/helper, then Cub Leader, Akela, ADC (Cubs) and ADC (Adult Training), until my retirement. I am now Training and Safety Advisor. I enjoy cross stitch, leather craft and card making.

Ian came on the Committee in 2007 and resigned in 2011

Committee Member/
Music Equipment Co-ordinator
Ian Revill
Ian Revill

My love of camping started as a teenager in the Scouting movement and my interests in 'folk' started in the 1970's going to Folk Song Clubs. In 1980 with my wife Maureen and two very young children we started a long lasting association and many happy holidays with the Folk Camp Society, making friends across the folk world, dancing at Cecil Sharp House, Halsway Manor and festivals. In 1988 we joined the Folk Section of the Camping and Caravanning Club, helping to run rallies and holiday meets. This gives us the opportunity to travel, meet like minded people and enjoy all aspects of folk dancing, songs, lively music and traditional crafts.

Lilian was our Secretary from 1996 until November 2010 when sadly she died

Secretary Lilian Davies
Lilian Davies
I have been Section Secretary since 1996, and was on the Committee for a short while before that.

I have been District Secretary for Prestwich and Whitefield Scouts since about 1980/81. I am also a Group Secretary for the 20th Prestwich and Whitefield Scout Group.

My hobbies include cross stitching, knitting, sewing and other craft activies.

Kevin resigned from the Committee in 2003 but was elected again in 2006 and resigned in 2007
He was Chairman in 1988 and 1989 and then 1999 and 2000 - Elected Chairman again in 2008 but resigned in 2010

Chairman Kevin Downing
My wife Maureen and I joined The Camping and Caravanning Club in 1981 and the Folk Dance and Song Society in 1967. We dance and I learned to Call and MC with Adlington Folk Dance Club (Cheshire). We are also members of their Display Team and have danced at a number of International Folk Festivals at home and abroad. We do 98% of our camping with the Folk Section. After we had been members of The C & CC for 12 months, I served on the committee of the NW Folk Section for the first time of many. I have filled the positions of Equipment & Sites Officer, also that of Vice Chairman and Chairman. We have helped to set up THS's at Cartmel and Penley.

We both love the C & CC Folk Section, because of the friendliness of all the Folk Section's members. We enjoy the Folk Dance, Music, Song & Crafts. We like to try and encourage people to try and take part in OUR ENGLISH FOLK HERITAGE and thus preserving it for our future generations.

We have been married for 40 years, which we celebrated in 2001 with 150 of our folk and camping friends at which we received £310 each for the Local Cardiac Rehab Group and The David Lewis Centre for Epilepsy. We have three children, two girls and a boy and eight grandchildren, the eldest being 18 years old and the youngest a few weeks.

Roy resigned from the Committee in March 2009

MC Co-ordinator Roy
Roy Allan
Jean and I have been married for over 40 years. Our membership of the Camping Club started in 1972, when we joined The Tent Camping Group. I was Secretary for 2 years and The Youth Officer when we had lots of Camping Club Youth Members. Our Membership lapsed for 5 years in the 1980's. I was a Scout Leader for 17years. We joined the Folk Group in 2000. I am also Chairman of Southport Folk Group.

Ian resigned from the Committee in 2007

Committee Member Ian Lucy
Details to follow

Judith resigned from the Committee in 2007

Committee Member Judith Veevers
I have been a member of the Camping Club for 33 years and joined the Folk Group in 1985. My husband David and myself have recently retired giving us more time to enjoy camping. We folk dance regularly and I am dance leader (caller) at weekly classes in Leyland. My pastimes include sewing, particularly patchwork, and with my husband I like to go walking and cycling (including riding tandem).

Stan resigned from the Committee in 2007

Committee Member Stan Bates
I was originally a member of the Caravan Club but changed to the Camping and Caravanning Club, joining the North West Folk Group Section in 1992, after sampling folk dancing at the Adlington Folk Dance Group in Cheshire. I have been married to Dorothy who has been Chairman twice, for over forty years. I have a keen interest in calligraphy, after initially trying it on a course at our Betley T.H.S. I have also tried my hand at wood carving and scraper board after attending courses at our Penley T.H.S.

Dot resigned from the Committee in 2006

Committee Member Dot Hamlet
Roy and I and our two young children joined the "Camping Club" in 1968, Our camping was mainly on club sites for holiday's, it was on one of these that we met the Birmingham D A, who welcomed us to join in their activities. So we started to camp with our own D.A. and it was at the winter socials that we found country dancing, but soon tired of just "Virginia Reel" and wanted more. Then we meet the N W Folk Group who were still in their infancy and have been actively camping with them ever since. In the last few years both of us have played our accordions for singing and dancing.

Dorothy resigned from the Committee in 2006
She was Chairman in 1997 and 1998 and then in 2001 and 2002

Committee Member Dorothy Bates
I joined the Camping and Caravanning Club in 1992, Kevin Downing recommending that I belong to the Folk Group as well. It was one of the best things Stan and I have done. It has brought us an immense amount of enjoyment and happiness, not least because of the large number of friends we have made in the Group. I have been married to Stan for over forty years and we have six children, three boys and three girls.Our eldest daughter, Jane, her husband, Andy, and their four daughters also camp with the Folk Group. I am interested in family history and the local history of Stockport and I am also secretary of Bramhall West Conservative Association. I have been on the Folk Group committee since 1994 as secretary, vice-chairman, chairman, immediate past chairman and now once again as chairman.