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NEWS 2001/2002/2003/2004/5


Geoff Errington led a six and a half mile walk at Tockholes on a cold frosty morning which turned out later to be a very nice sunny day and not as cold as expected. Tockholes Walk


We had two successful holiday meets at Tywyn in Wales and Halsall, nr Southport.

The photograph was taken at our meet at Spurstow where there was an abundance of four cleaf covers.

Our harvest supper meet went well at Langho, and our last caravanning meet of the season was at Blackpool which was well-attended.

At the end of October we had a social at Bredbury which wasn't very well attended but enjoyed by the people who were there.
Four Leaf Clover


Maureen Downing is now out of plaster and was able to take part in the dance demonstrations in Lithuania and they got second prize in one of the competitions.

Ian Revill was delighted to be able to do a two and a half mile walk and then a five mile walk whilst caravanning at Silverdale. It was also good to see Joe Greenough who had a heart attack in March doing a seven and a half mile walk. Beat you Ian!!

Mary Hartnell is recovering slowly after her operation and we hope to see her out with us soon.

We had a heatwave for our Middlewich and Chipping meets. It was interesting at Middlewich to wander round the town for the Boat and Folk Festival.

Our two five day walking meets in Silverdale and Kendal were very enjoyable. This was an invite to the Mountain Activity Section and John Allen their Sites Officer led us on some lovely walks, and Jean Allan led a nice one at Silverdale.
Arnside Knott Walk

Walk up Arnside Knott


An enjoyable meet was held at Farmer Parrs at Fleetwood, despite the bitterly cold wind as we had the use of a hall on site. The Music Meet at Siddington also went well with a good attendance.

Ian Revill is recovering well after his heart attack and Judith and David Veever's daughter Lindsay has just given birth to a baby girl called Kirsty Louise, weighing 8 lb 9 oz, a sister for Daniel.

Maureen Downing unfortunately broke her wrist in two places whilst dancing at Siddington and had to be taken to Macclesfield A & E.

Wrenbury was well attended and the sun shone on us. We had two dances and a get together one evening with a card game, domino drive and some of our members entertained us.

A record turnout for one of our five day meets with 66 units at Llandudno at the Spring Bank Holiday and a bonus of being able to watch the Red Arrows and various aeroplane demonstrations from the comfort of our caravans. We had three dances and get togethers other evenings, plus coffee mornings. Not as many units at Tal y Bont for the follow-on meet but still nearly 30 and an enjoyable meet in lovely countryside. Ian Revill felt well enough to try his first caravan meet since his heart attack and everyone was delighted he was able to be there.
Sunset Llandudno There was a gorgeous sunset on our first night in Llandudno but unfortunately I just missed getting the sun going down

MARCH 2005

Our first meet of the season was at Colne but we only had seven units and three visitors on Saturday. However, the people there had a very enjoyable weekend with get togethers in the hall, even a dance to live music, an American Tea and two organised walks.

30 units arrived at Bickerton and it was a great weekend with lots of activities, music workshops, dancing, crafts, games, competitions, walks, cheese and wine and an American Tea.
Easter Bonnet


Nothing exciting happening for these months - we had a walk organised by Tony Sudlow and a social at Bredbury and our Christmas social at Adlington where we had some games and dancing for our three children who attended and also for the adults who were there. A music workshop was held in a separate room and then the musicians played for us to dance in the evening.


September was our annual Harvest Supper Meet and was held at Lower Whitley with 25 units attending.

The AGM was held at Warton, another new site for us. Fortunately there was a track round the field as there had been heavy rain before we arrived and while we were there. We had a couple of enjoyable evening dances.

The Committee is the same as we didn't get people clammering to join it!!

Alan Davies - Chairman. Judith Veevers - Vice-Chairman. Lilian Davies - Secretary. Tony Sudlow - Treasure. Vivienne Hayes - Sites Officer. Bob Hayes - Catering Officer. Dorothy Bates - Past Chairman, Margaret Sudlow, Public Relations Officer, Stan Bates - Regalia Officer. Dot Hamlet - Committee Member

Noel Jackson is now the Group Chairman.


Our second Rolling Meet at Arnside and Carnforth also went well with lots of walks and good weather, apart from one morning when there was torrential rain. The Holiday Sites at Tywyn and Halsall were well attended, the only worry was at Halsall when the field was getting water-logged because of heavy rain, but fortunately it drained well.

The photo was taken by Bruce on a walk up Arnside Knott and shows from L to R - Janet, Vivienne, Jean, Ann, George and Bob. What a gorgeous view!
Arnside Knott


Our Rolling Meet at Llandudno and Llanrwst was a great success, after me worrying so much as it appeared a lot of our members would not be there, and most of the Committee had other commitments. However, we had a peak of 46 units at Llandudno and 30 altogether at Llanrwst. The photo shows the view from our caravan looking towards Great Orme. The weather was extremely kind to us which obviously made the meets more enjoyable. Next year Llandudno has been booked again for 26th May - 31st May and Tal-y-Bont - 31st May - 5th June. Unfortunately the site at Llanrwst had already been booked so Tal-y-Bont has been booked instead and is about half way between Conway and Llanrwst. Llandudno View

MAY 2004

Unfortunately the meet which was to be held from 8-13 July at Carr Mill Dam, St Helens has now, for various reasons, had to be cancelled. A meet has now been arranged for 8-12 July at Chorley Rugby Club - details will be given in Out and About and the Newsletter.

A lovely sunny weekend made for a great caravanning weekend at Caton. For a lot of people it was their visit to Lune Valley and they were impressed with the area. Of course, sunshine does give a favourable impression. The photo was taken at the Crook o' Lune Picnic Site on our way back from a walk led by Geoff Errington.
Walking Caton

APRIL 2004

First of all some news about the health of our members. Tony Pollington is recovering well after his heart operation, Roy Hamlett is waiting for further tests on his stomach and also still has problems with his toes, Bernard Brown has had his prostrate operation done and is doing fine, Roy Allan starts treatment for his prostrate problems next week.

There was great disappointment for everyone who intended going to the Easter National, especially for the organisers with the school deciding the field was too wet and cancelling a few days before. The North West meet at Bickerton went extremely well and everyone enjoyed the Cheese and Wine Jacob's Join and the American Tea. Music, craft and dance workshops took place during the day and also a boules, easter bonnet and decorated egg competitions with dancing each evening.
Bickerton Dance

Is Harry dancing or Meditating?!!!

MARCH 2004

Our first meet of the season was at Whitechapel, only a few miles from Beacon Fell, a lovely walking area with good views. Unfortunately the weather forecast was for severe gales, but ten units turned up - I don't know whether we were brave or foolhardy!! However, a good time was had by all as we had the use of the village hall for the weekend. We had a dance on Friday and Saturday evening and Margaret Sudlow did a craft workshop on Saturday and we had a coffee morning and long natter and then Judith Veevers did a dance workshop in the afternoon. On Sunday a few hard people went for a walk and managed to get back to their caravans before a heavy downpour.


We held our usual Christmas Social in December and in January had a Winter Social at Lower Whitley. At both of these our members supplied the usual tempting and enjoyable spread of food for our tea. This is a photo taken by Dorothy Bates at the Lower Whitley Social showing Stan Bates, Maureen Downing enjoying the food, Kevin Downing peeping between Ann Rowe and her friend George who she met at our Temporary Holiday Meet at Halsall in August. Ann was married to Ernie, our Catering Officer for many years who sadly died a few years ago and everyone is delighted that Ann has now found romance! George has been learning to dance and is obviously enjoying it. Lower Whitley 2004


Please note that the November Social at Adlington is being held on the 16th November and not on the 23rd November as printed in Out and About


We had a disappointing turnout at Farmer Parrs at Fleetwood but the people who camped enjoyed it as it was a nice friendly meet and the site is certainly worth booking again. There will be an opportunity to keep in touch with the Winter Walks and Socials.

At our last meet of the season at West Bradford the following people were elected as Committee Members
Chairman - Alan Davies
Vice-Chairman - Judith Veevers
Treasurer - Tony Sudlow
Secretary - Lilian Davies
Sites Officer - Vivienne Hayes
PRO - Margaret Sudlow
Catering Officer - Bob Hayes
Regalia - Stan Bates
Member - Dot Hamlet
Past Chairman - Dorothy Bates


We had two successful meets in August held at Tywyn and Halsall and both have been booked again for next year. In September we had our Harvest Supper at Thurstaston. This is a very nice site with views looking towards the Welsh hillside. Use was made of the Conservatory on site for a natter and singaround and we had a dance on Saturday in the local Village Hall. Harvest Supper, Thurstaston

JULY 2003

Another first for us at Lea House Farm Middlewich, a very nice flat site with a social room on site which we made good use of with dancing, music, song and verse. This was the painting meet with Trevor Hunt offering his help and advice to the people who enjoyed painting. The canal is not far away where you can have a nice walk and watch the boats going through the locks.

The Photos show:
1. Trevor Hunt and Ron Light watched by Stan Bates.
2. Trevor's painting of Ken Poole fishing.
3. Caravanners admiring the paintings.
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JUNE 2003

We camped at Willowbank Caravan Site at Ainsdale for the first time and it was another successful meet, despite the entry for it not appearing in the Magazine. We had a games night, a dance in the local village hall and a couple of walks led by Roy and Jean. Ainsdale Walk
Photo taken on one of the walks
Roy and Jean Allan and their grandson,Colin and Val Paley, Bob and Vivienne Hayes, David, Judith and Gill Veevers, Kellett and Jean Hughes

MAY 2003

The early Mayday meet was held as usual at Siddington and we had a 140th Birthday celebration as George was 80 and Judith Veevers 60.

Spring Bank Holiday was held at Wrenbury which was described as a very friendly meet and music, singing and dancing took place in the hall on site. This was followed by five days at Tarporley, described as a very nice village within walking distance of the site.

APRIL 2003

It was the turn of the North West Section to organise the National Easter Meet this year and a lot of hard work was put in by the Sub-Committee set up to organise it and fortunately it was a great success. Over 300 units from all over the country attended the meet at Lytham to take part in various types of dancing, music, crafts and song. A concert was held one evening and a music hall another evening with dances being run in the other two halls.

A follow on meet was held at Westby Hall, near Kirkham and was attended by over 80 units with dances and singarounds taking place each evening. The photo shows a rainbow shining over the caravans at the follow on meet.
Follow on Meet

MARCH 2003

We kept in touch during the Winter with socials and walks and had our first meet of the new season at the beginning of March at Astley Green Colliery Museum, near Leigh. Not, I must admit, the most picturesque of sites but it was on hardstanding which we were very glad of as it poured down for most of the weekend. We had the use of a room and had a get together on the Friday evening and a dance on Saturday evening. On Sunday morning one of the volunteers at the museum gave us a talk and slide show about the history of the museum which was very interesting and then a tour round. I can recommend this if any of the District Associations are camping there.

We had a very successful Craft meet at Cranage Village Hall at the end of March where our talented members passed on their skills to others.
Cranage Crafts
Allan Spurr demonstrating
woodcarving at Cranage


At the AGM held at Bradwell the following members were elected to the Committee. As you will notice there are two vacancies - one for Vice Chairman and one for Catering Officer. If anyone is interested in one of these vacancies please contact one of the Committee Members

Chairman - Dorothy Bates
Vice-Chairman - Vacancy
Treasurer - Tony Sudlow
Secretary - Lilian Davies
Sites Officer - Vivienne Hayes
PRO - Margaret Sudlow
Catering Officer - Vacancy
Regalia - Stan Bates
Member - Dot Hamlett
Past Chairman - Kevin Downing


Our first THS at Halsall, near Southport was a great success with an average of 50 units camping each night. There were lots of activities to take part in and the school had some welcome extra funds to use for the benefit of the pupils, as well as our Section having some extra funds to help with the running of the Section.

The hall has now been booked for the Friday evening as well as Saturday for the meet at Kirkland and Catterall Village Hall at the beginning of October.

JULY 2002

July saw the ever popular painting meet run by Trevor Hunt and this year it was held at Bramblewood, nr Whitchurch. It was well attended and although the weather was extremely unkind on Friday it did brighten up for the weekend. As well as painting there was a craft session and a workshop in Rapper Swords - you never know what to expect at a North West Folk meet, even the opportunity to tangle yourself into a knot! Rapper

JUNE 2002

If you are intending going to the THS at Halsall in August and would like to visit the Southport Flower Show, I thought it would be useful for you to know that if you purchase the tickets beforehand it will cost you £3 less than paying for them on the door. Have a look at the Holiday page for details of prices.

APRIL 2002

An extra five day meet has just been arranged as follows:

July 25 - July 30th 2002 - MR97/539852. From M6 J36 turn east signposted Kirkby Lonsdale, at 1st roundabout take A65 towards Endmoor,cont on A65 for 1 3/4 m,site on L just beyond Endmoor village. Dance Saturday evening, possible sing-a-rounds and games evening, pie and peas supper. Site opens 4.00 pm. Stewards: Bob and Vivienne tel: (01772) 724412. The site is in a lovely area of the country overlooking the Lakeland Hills and the village hall is within walking distance (playground at the side of it). There is a bakery in the village who can supply a pie and peas supper. If we don't have enough people who can sing, then we can have a natter instead.

MARCH 2002

The Committee decided to arrange an Easter meet at Bickerton in Cheshire for members who could not make it to the National Easter Meet or who did not like big Easter Meets. This was very successful with about 34 units. Dances were held on four evenings with a concert one evening and dance and music workshops took place during the day. There was an opportunity to do Tai Chi most mornings and also to play Mah Jong and take part in two Domino Drives. A very popular event was the Cheese and Wine Jacob's Join on the evening of the concert. The steward had asked people to bring some "funny" cheese so that we did not end up with a lot of cheddar and people had responded with a large selection of different cheeses to sample and an opportunity to sample difference wine as well. Bickerton is near to the Sandstone Trail and it was possible to have some lovely walks without having to drive anywhere.


We had many successful years running a Temporary Holiday Site at Betley in Staffordshire and then moved to Penley for a few years, but owing to building work at the school we transferred back to Betley. However, members were feeling that perhaps it was time for a change of scenery again, so on a blustery winter's day Dorothy and Stan and Bob and Vivienne went over to meet the Headmaster at Halsall school where we had camped over Easter on a previous occasion. It was decided that this venue would be suitable for our THS in August as the school had a hall suitable for dancing and kitchen/dining facilities plus another small hall which could be used for music workshops. Also there was a large flat field for camping and it was only a few miles from Southport and a short drive to lots of other attractions. Forms have been sent off for permission to hold the THS at Halsall and it is hoped that permission will be received soon so that we can start publicising it.


Bethany Bethany Ann Taylor was born at 11.51 a.m. on 12th December, 2001, weighing 7lb 8 oz. She is the first daughter of Karen and Lee Taylor of Handforth and sister to Karl, Daniel and Shaun. The family are North West Folk Group Members and Karen has camped with us since childhood. Bethany is the granddaughter of Maureen and Kevin Downing.


Alan Breeze ALAN BREEZE 1937 - 2001 Alan was born and lived in the Manchester area. He and Rosemary started camping with their son and daughter, later progressing to a caravan and boat before joining the Folk Group. Here he delighted us all with his musical talents. For years he and Rosemary have played accordians in the North West Folk Group Workshop Band, rarely missing their monthly meetings. Alan had an affinity with children, who were fascinated when he played his washboard with thimbles on his fingers. They will remember him, too, for his Shake, Rattle and Bang children's workshops in his awning. At Christmas time we all will remember him as we play and sing to the Carol and Song booklets which he and Rosemary compiled for us. Our thoughts go out to Rosemary,Nigel, Carol, Oliver and Elissa in their loss.



Joanne Claire Birtles was born at 8 p.m on 9th September, 2001 weighing 7 lb 6 oz. She is the fourth daughter of Jane and Andy Birtles of Altrincham and sister to Danielle, Heather and Katharine. The family are North West Folk Group members and have been camping with us for 6 years. Joanne is only ten days old in the photograph and is the granddaughter of Dorothy and Stan Bates. The shawl was crocheted by Dorothy using Broomstick Crochet which has been taught to many members of the Folk Group by Joan Rumbles a North West Section member.