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This was our last but one meet at Dale Hey Farm, Ribchester, just St Annes now in October. There had been a lot of rain during the week and more forecast so the site owner let us camp on hardstanding pitches, with electric if anyone wanted to hook up. It was fortunate we were on hardstanding as we had a lot of rain while we were there, most of it during the evening and night so we were able to get out and about. Some members caught the bus to Blackburn and some to Clitheroe and some to both!

We danced three evenings in the barn on site, which isn't as good as a village hall but a lot better than some barns. There was a heater but it blew out the heat very fast and was too noisy while we were listening to the caller and dancing and also when spots were on so we had it on before we started dancing and during the interval.
Dancing Fun
Dancing in the Barn


Our THS at Halsall has been running successfuly now for about 15 years. There is a field and hardstanding available and you can catch a bus to Southport and Liverpool. The first weekend you could visit Southport Flower Show and the Bank Holiday Weekend the Folk on the Dock Festival at Liverpool and have a walk along the nearby canal.

Lynn did a Keep Fit Session in the morning and you could have a brew and a chat before taking part in different activities like crafts and dance workshops - you could even learn how to sword dance as shown in the photo.

In the evenings there was the opportunity to dance, sometimes to a band and at other times have fun taking part in games.
Sword Dance
Sword Dance Demonstration

JULY 2017

The site at Mouldsworth is a very pleasant one with a fishing lake on site which one of our members took advantage of, and we had some nice walks, dancing and we managed coffee mornings in the sunshine.

Our two rolling meets at Hollingworth Lake, Littleborough and near Huddersfield went well, although it was disappointing that numbers were down on what we used to have, one of the reasons being that a lot of our members have become unable to camp because of ill health. However, there were enough to make them enjoyable meets and we had walks, some of which had gorgeous views like the one on the right, coffee mornings, dancing in the halls on site and get togethers on the evenings we weren't dancing, even having a fish and chip tea sitting on picnic tables on the site.
Lovely view on Geoff's walk which included Fred this time

JUNE 2017

We only had 10 units at our meet at Barnoldswick which was a new site for us and everyone enjoyed it because it is a pleasant site and only a few minutes walk to a park and a few minutes further to the canal and not too far to walk into the Town Centre. We danced in a local church hall for two evenings and were able to sit outside for coffee mornings and a get together on Sunday evening. 10 people and three dogs went on Tony's walk which included part of the canal. There were goats and an Alpaca in the next field and we enjoyed watching them as the little ones were so cute. Unfortunately Jasmine, the Alpaca had lost her baby recently.

We were delighted to hear John and Elaine's news that they had become grandparents for the first time.
Alpaca and Goats
An Alpaca and young goats in the next field


Our Rolling Meets this year were held at Caerwys and Greasby with five nights at each one. We were disappointed at Caerwys as we had been at Chelford because we were told we could only use the edges of the field. Fortunately we had enough room for the units that turned up. The weather was hot for the first couple of days but then the temperature went down a lot but fortunately we didn't have much rain. People took the opportunity to visit the North Wales Coast and for walks and we danced three evenings in the local village hall and had a get together on the field on the other two evenings. Tony and Margaret and Stan and Judy led walks.

We then rolled on to Greasby for five nights with an opportunity to visit various parts of the Wirral and unlike Caerwys which is in Wales, we were delighted to be able to use our bus passes. We danced three evenings in the local village hall and had get togethers in the tent on the other two evenings. Stan and Judy and Keith led various walks.

Get together in the evening
A pleasant get together on the first evening at Caerwys with a very nice view


A lot of our members attended the National Easter Meet at Evesham and then joined the follow on meet at Shipston on Stour. Next year it will be held at Uttoxeter Racecourse.

We held our usual May Day meet at Chelford but were disappointed that we weren't allowed to use a large part of the field as well as the hardstanding like in previous years so this made it difficult fitting units on but apart from that it was an enjoyable meet. We had the use of the hall for the full meet so had coffee mornings, music get togethers, singing and dancing with a very nice Jacob's Join for tea on Saturday and Cheese and Wine Jacob's Join on Sunday evening with a large selection of different types of cheese and wine and also a Table Top Sale on Monday morning. Judith organised Maypole dancing
Maypole Dancing
Judith organised Maypole Dancing

MARCH 2017

We had our first camping meet of the season at Cranage Village Hall with the use of the hall for the full meet. After the weather being wet and windy for a few days before, it was lovely to have sunshine and blue skies. There was quite a lot of hard standing and a grassed area which had coped well with all the rain before we arrived.

It was our AGM and our Committee is as follows:

Chairman – Fred Fearon, Vice-Chairman - Chris Scholes, Treasurer – John Wilkinson, Secretary – Jenny Wilkinson, Sites Officer – David Scholes, PRO – Irene Paddock, MC Co-ordinator – Vivienne Hayes, Equipment Co-ordinator – Carol Hewitt, Regalia Rep - Vivienne Hathaway, One Vacancy

Bob Hayes and Molly Clouston resigned from the Committee after being on it for many years.

We had two enjoyable evenings with dancing and being entertained by our talented members and a Jacob's Join tea on Saturday with hot and cold food
Hardstanding for an early meet


We don't have any camping meets during the Winter but have four socials instead. We start at 2.30 pm, have a brew and a chat until about 3.15 pm then dance and have spots, sometimes the musicians have a get together in a separate room, and we have a Jacob's Join tea about 5.15 pm. We then dance and have spots until 8 pm when we finish with another brew and eat any leftovers, leaving by 8.30 pm. It is a very pleasant way of keeping in touch with members during the Winter months.

We have various callers for dancing and here are the twins twirling their streamers around. It is nice to have some young ones at our meets and socials.
Dancing with streamers
The twins having fun with streamers while others danced


We had good weather for our last meet of the season. We had 15 units and 10 visitors on Saturday evening which boosted the number of dancers. On Thursday we had a chat in the bar and we had a coffee morning in the Club on Friday and Saturday and coffee on the field (car park!) on Sunday morning. On Friday we had a very nice Jacob's Join tea. Carol was MC, Fred, David and Judith called. Eric played the keyboard and Iris sang, Len and Ann sang. Jack and Mary, the three year old twins who joined us at Whittingham for the first time earlier in the year enjoyed dancing. On Saturday we had a meal supplied by the Club, most of us had a curry served with rice and a nice salad, and some had the roast dinner. Margaret was MC and as she was visiting for the evening she managed to arrange an enjoyable evening, only starting to organise it about ten to seven after the meal. Bob, Fred, David, Tony and Judith called. Len sang and played the keyboard, Chris and Fred sang, Eric played the keyboard and Iris sang, Ann sang accompanied by Helena on the Cello and David on the Bodhran. Trio
Ann singing accompanied by David and Helena


We had a very eventful meet at Bolton-by-Bowland as we were camped on a very soggy field and had to be towed on and off by the farmer, even with 4 x 4s, although they managed to drive later without the caravan on the back, and we had to email some people with large motovans that it wouldn't be a good idea to come. It actually turned out to be a very enjoyable meet, even though we only had 12 units. Unfortunately one of our members was ill as he couldn't breathe properly and had pains in his chest and an ambulance was called at 5.30 am but fortunately he arrived back on site later as he was feeling better and it obviously wasn't a heart attack but they decided it was better to go home. Another couple who were supposed to be attending it, and she was going to be an MC, weren't able to as her husband ended up in hospital with an irregular heart beat, and one of our members slipped at a style and pushed another member who went head over heels and they both fell down from the style a foot or so onto the road with one on top of the other. Although one had a sore knee it appears they were lucky not to have been badly hurt.

We had a hilarious session one evening when John called a confusing seven person dance which the men did and then a different seven person confusing dance that the ladies did and the men - drat it - actually managed better than the ladies.
Men dancing
Not a lot of campers but we still managed some dancing


Our THS at Halsall, near Southport was well attended and a very enjoyable meet with good feedback. The hall in the school is used each morning for Keep Fit, Music Workshop, Crafts, Dancing and Coffee Mornings. The hall isn't normally used in an afternoon to give people an opportunity to get out and about, but there two very wet days so it was an opportunity to get together and play board games. In the evening there were various games, quizzes, entertainment spots and dancing, most evenings to a band.

The photo shows children and adults enjoying the dancing with more difficult dances later in the evening.

JULY 2016

Our THS at Tywyn was held in July and August and is an opportunity to explore a pleasant area of Wales. Unfortunately the weather wasn't as kind as the stewards would have liked but there were more units attended than last year.

We also had our two rolling meets, the first one at Crooklands Farm, near Kendal and we then rolled on to Marsh House Farm, Carnforth. At Crooklands we camped near the canal and some of us had a boat trip run by volunteers of the Lancashire Canal Trust and we learned about the history of the canal and surrounding area.

Some members visited the Brief Encounters exhibition at Carnforth Railway Station and bus passes were made good use of to visit Lancaster and Morecambe. We had a lovely red sky one evening but unfortunately it was wet the day after.
Red Sky
Lovely sunset across the bay

JUNE 2016

Greaves Farm at Cabus is a very nice site with a large flat field and by the side of the canal and it was a nice walk along the canal into Garstang. Some took the opportunity to catch the bus to Lancaster and some went to the Scorton Steam Rally.

Our next meet was at Astbury in Cheshire and it was the frst time we had camped there. There was a panic at one stage when the Sites Officer found out that there was going to be a Beer Festival and a Music Festival on the Friday and Saturday on the weekend we were camping. However, it wasn't a problem and any music had finished by 11.15 pm. It was a pleasant site with nice views and an opportunity to have a look at the farm shop and various other shops on site.
Dancing at Cabus

MAY 2016

Our Chelford meet at May Day is always an enjoyable one and this year was no exception, despite the weather which was cold and wet. However with having the use of the hall for the full meet we were able to have coffee mornings and music get togethers. We also had a couple of afternoons playing board games, doing crafts or just having a chat which passed the afternoons on very pleasantly and we were dry and warm which we wouldn't have been outside.

We had our usual Jacob's Join tea on Saturday and got a wide variety of food which made a lovely buffet. Sunday evening was our Cheese and Wine Bring and Share and the dancing always improves as the evening goes on! There was a Table Top Sale on Monday morning.

We had a different MC each of the five evenings who arranged an enjoyable evening with dancing and entertainment by our talented members.

The weather was much better for our two rolling meets at the Spring Bank Holiday, staying five nights in Gwernymynydd in Wales rolling on to Farndon, just over the border into Cheshire, where we were pleased to be able to use our Bus Passes! We had three dances at each meet and get togethers on other evenings, including a boules competition. We had some lovely walks and also eating out as well, with Wetherspoons being made good use of!
Games afternoon
Games afternoon - playing Sequence and Quirkles

APRIL 2016

We continue to get sad news about our members having to give up camping because of ill health. The most recent ones are Allan and Maureen and Kellet and Jean. It would be great if we could get some younger members to join us, but if they do they will find that most of us are old enough to be their grandparents or even grandparents! However, it was really nice to have a young family with us at Whittingham. Twins Jack and Mary discovered the enjoyment of folk dancing.

Our Committee altered slightly and now consists of - Fred Fearon - Chairman. Chris Scholes - Vice-Chairman. John Wilkinson - Treasurer. Jenny Wilkinson - Secretary. Vivienne Hayes - Sites Officer. Irene Paddock - Public Relations Officer. Bob Hayes - Catering Officer. Carol Hewitt - Music Equipment Co-ordinator. Molly Clouston - MC and Band Co-ordinator.Vivienne Hathaway - Regalia Sales. Tony Sudlow - Auditor. David Scholes - Auditor

Whittingham Sports and Social Club used to belong to Whittingham Hospital which has now been demolished. We were able to use the hall in a morning for coffee and music get togethers and danced each evening. Some people indulged in a sausage and bacon barmcake with as much tea/coffee as they wanted for breakfast.

MARCH 2016

Astley Green was quite an eventful meet because Keith fell on Thursday afternoon on a walk and jarred his hip, On Thursday evening Bob tripped over Sheila's step in the dark and hurt his knee and broke a flask. On Friday evening he ended up in Salford Royal Hospital in a lot of pain and vomiting which was eventually diagnosed as a kidney stone. Fortunately he was discharged on Saturday and managed to drive us home on Sunday.

It isn't the most picturesque site we have camped at and the hall isn't the poshest but it is good for an early meet as we can use the hall for the full meet so were able to have coffee mornings. We also had a Jacob's Join tea and danced each evening.
Small hall but managed to dance


Our last meet of the season was at Farmer Parrs, Fleetwood. This is a handy site for anyone who wants to see the illuminations at Blackpool and for catching the bus to the centre of Fleetwood. We made good use of the hall on site for three dances and had a very nice buffet tea supplied by members.

We had a Winter Social at Adlington Community Centre in November and December and at Samlesbury Memorial Hall in January and February. They are a good way of keeping in touch during the Winter months. People start arriving from 2.30 pm and Bob makes a brew for them while we mix around and have a chat, then we start dancing about 3.15 pm until 5.15 pm when we have a Jacob's Join tea where everyone brings some food to share, then we dance and have 'spots' until 8 pm when Bob makes his third brew for us to eat up any leftovers.

Brew Time
Bob the Brew!


It was the turn of North West Area to organise the National Autumn Gather and this was held at Cockshutt Millennium Hall in Shropshire. There were 65 units which was a good turnout. The site was ideal as there was a large flat field and also hard standing available. There was a large hall for dancing and 'spots' and two smaller rooms which were used for music workshops, singing and serving coffee/tea/biscuits. There was a Members' Meeting on Saturday afternoon and a Council Meeting on Sunday morning for the National Committee and representatives from other areas. Fortunately the weather was fine apart from one very wet morning. People made good use of the opportunity to catch a bus from outside to Ellesmere, a very pleasant town with a canal and mere, and in the other direction to Shrewsbury, a very nice town with some lovely black and white buildings and a wonderful garden down by the riverside. Band Workshop
The musicians had a get together each morning


Our THS at Tywyn has been running now for over 30 years and was another successful event, although not as many units as last year with the weather not being as nice and the dates for next year are 15 July to 7 August. It is a lovely part of Wales to explore.

Our Halsall THS was a very enjoyable event with lots of activities organised. Some of the activities available were zumba, aerobics, zentangle, line dancing, morris dancing, skiffle, pasta shakers, paper weaving, stitched cards, bunting for the caravan, pom pom people, friendship bracelets, coasters for the caravan, pasta colouring competitions, jigsaws, 4 quiz sheets over the 12 days, and folk dancing to encourage and teach the children and new dancers and the musicians had get togethers in a morning. Each evening there was dancing, sometimes to a band, people doing 'turn's and family fun with the emphasis on dancing after the tea break. The dates for next year are 18-30 August.
Lots of different types of dancing at Halsall

JULY 2015

Parkfold Farm at Bradshaw was another new site for us and handy with having a hall on site which we used for dancing two evenings. Not a very posh one but it served our purposes all right. It was only a few minutes walk to Jumbles Reservoir with a nice walk either just around it for about two miles or to go further afield.

Thornton-in-Lonsdale was our third new site this year and a very nice one it is with only being half a mile or so away from the Falls and the centre of Ingleton. There was a very nice farm shop just across the road and we danced three evenings in the local village hall, which was about a mile and a half away. On the evenings we weren't dancing we had get togethers in the tent.

It is eight years since we camped at Gargrave but perhaps we shouldn't have left it so long as it is a really good site, large flat field, hall only a short walk away, canal nearby and buses to Settle and Skipton which were made good use of. We danced two evenings as the hall wasn't available on Saturday, but had some enjoyable get togethers in the tent with a fish and chip tea organised one evening followed by strawberries and cream.

The weather was disappointing for our ten night rolling meet as there was normally quite a cool wind, but fortunately hardly any rain and we still did lots of walks with Keith and Tony leading them.
Malham Walk
Lovely walk at Malham

JUNE 2015

It was our first time at Belmont Hall, Great Budworth and it is a very nice site with various meres in the grounds. Some people went to the Boat and Folk Festival at Middlewich. We had two dances in nearby Comberbach Memorial Hall and Judith organised a boules competition one evening followed by a chat and brew in the tent and we had a very nice get together in the tent one evening with lots of chat, laughs and singing.

We had news of new grandchildren with a boy Arthur weighing 7 lbs. 10 oz. for Ian and Maureen and another boy who beat the competition with a weight of 9 lbs 8 oz. for Len and Irene.
Judith called for dancing
Judith called for dancing

MAY 2015

Our five night meet at Chelford Parish Hall is always an enjoyable one as we have the use of the hall for the full meet so had coffee mornings and dancing/entertainment each evening with a different MC each evening and various callers and entertainers. We had a Jacob's Join on Saturday teatime with a nice selection of food supplied by members. On Sunday evening we had a Cheese and Wine Bring and Share and got a varied selection of different types of cheese and crackers along with lots of wine. Keith led a couple of nice walks and Judith organised Maypole dancing.

Our two rolling meets in Wales went well with five nights at Prestatyn and an opportunity to visit various places on the North Wales Coast and then five nights at Carrog where there are lovely views and you can travel on the steam train to Llangollen. We had three dances at each meet and get togethers in the tent on other nights as there was always a cold wind.
Lunchtime on a walk
Lunchtime on a nice walk

APRIL 2015

Our AGM was held at our meet at Kirkland with Catterall. Ray resigned as Treasurer because of ill health before the AGM and sadly died not long after. Liz resigned after four years as Secretary because of other commitments. Our Committee is shown below:

Chairman – Fred Fearon, Vice-Chairman - Barbara Smith, Treasurer – John Wilkinson, Secretary – Jenny Wilkinson, Sites Officer – Vivienne Hayes, Publicity Officer – Bill Smith, Catering Officer – Bob Hayes, MC/Band Co-ordinator – Molly Clouston, Music Equipment Co-ordinator – Carol Hewitt,Committee Member – Irene Paddock

There was a shop nearby and bus stops to Preston, Garstang and Lancaster and we danced on three evenings.

Members at AGM
Members waiting for the AGM to start

MARCH 2015

Geoff and Nan stewarded our meet at Lydiate and Nan gave a picture quiz out for us to do over the weekend. On Thursday Molly, Bob and Jeff called, Doreen did a couple of poems and Jeff and Lynn sang. John Wilkinson was MC and did a couple of quizzes which Bill and Linda won. On Saturday Jeff was MC, Molly, Doreen and Bob called in the first half, Doreen did two poems, Steve and Maz played for us to dance in the second half, Jeff and Lynn called and sang. We got the answers to Nan's quiz and Steve won but shared the box of After Eight mints out. Lynn calling with Steve and Maz
Steve and Maz played while Lynn called


We had three more Winter Socials on similar lines to the one in November. This photo was taken at Samlesbury Memorial Hall at the February social. It wasn't as well attended as previous socials but we still managed lots of dancing, some spots and a very nice variety of food, both savoury and sweet.



Our first social of the Winter at Adlington went well with a good turnout. They are always a very pleasant way of passing on a Winter Sunday. We had a variety of callers and 'spots' with Molly leading a skiffle session. Members always bring a nice variety of food which is put on a table for people to help themselves to. Bob brews up as people arrive about 2.30 pm when we have a chat until about 3.15 pm, then we have dancing and 'spots' until about 5.15 pm when we have our meal, then dancing and 'spots' until 8 pm when Bob makes his third brew and we eat any leftovers. Dancing Fun
Nice hall for dancing at Adlington


We went out on a high for our last camping meet of the season at The Cotton Arms, Wrenbury and the weather was much better than forecast with blue skies and sun, although a cool wind. We used the hall on site for coffee mornings and dancing each evening. We enjoyed hotpot and apple pie for tea on Saturday in the hall and quite a lot of campers went in the pub on Friday for fish, chips and mushy peas and on Sunday for a roast dinner. Keith led a walk along the canal and through fields with dozens of cows in. We have never seen so many in fields before.

We had one of our Winter Walks later in the month when Keith led a walk starting at Avenham Park in Preston, and, although we were never really far away from the Town Centre and busy roads we weren'et aware of it as we walked through woods.
Walk along the canal
Keith's walk at Wrenbury


We had our two THSs in August, one at Tywyn in Wales for 23 nights which started in July and one at Halsall, Nr Southport for 12 nights. There was a heatwave for part of the Tywyn meet and they nearly had to turn people away the first week. There were get togethers morning and evening but folky activities depend on who is camping at the time.

Numbers were down at Halsall but it was a very successful meet from feedback from people camping there who had enjoyed it very much. Some of the activities available, apart from dancing and music, were - zumba, aerobics, circus skills, zentangle, line dancing, morris dancing, skiffle, origami, paper trees, fabric wreaths, and pasta pictures and fish collage workshops for young children. It is an opportunity for the young people to make friends.

Making Friends


The site at Darwen is within walking distance of the town centre, but is high up with lovely views. We struggled on walks from the site as the footpaths aren't very well maintained in the area. We danced a couple of evenings in a local hall.

Last time we camped at Greenfields, Saddleworth a couple of years ago we had to pack up quickly after one night as there had been torrential rain and we were next to a fast rising river. Fortunately there was no problem this time. Again, lovely views from the site and an easy walk along the canal into Upper Mill.

Our rolling meets at Shap and Kirkby Lonsdale were well attended and members were doing something they don't normally do at our caravan rallies and complaining about it being too hot at Kirkby Lonsdale! However, it was much better than wind and rain. They are both very nice sites and people enjoyed the stroll into Kirkby Lonsdale passing Ruskin's View and it was nice to see families paddling and swimming in the river. We had three dances at each meet and members led walks.
Coffee Morning
Nice change to have to find somewhere to sit in the shade for our coffee morning


There were 13 units from the North West at the National Easter Meet at Evesham organised by the Midlands Area. It was a very enjoyable meet at a good venue, and some of our members then went on to the follow-on meet at Shipston on Stour.

We had more bad news about our members when Bill Normyle, a longstanding member died in March, and Michael Hay, one of our callers, died in April.

Our May Day meet at Chelford was well attended with 38 units and was a very enjoyable meet with coffee mornings in the hall and socials each evening. We had a Table Top Sale on Saturday morning and a Jacob's Join tea on Saturday and our now very popular Cheese and Wine Bring and Share on Sunday evening. Some of our members visited Knutsford for the Royal May Day Procession. Judith organised Maypole dancing.

Our three rolling meets in Wales weren't as well attended as usual but they were all very friendly, enjoyable meets, despite the rain. We had dances in the local halls and get togethers in our two new tents which we joined together.

Pleasanter news was that Bob and Vivienne's grandson arrived in Switzerland eight weeks early at 3 lbs 1 oz, but came home after four weeks weighing 4 lbs. 6 oz. Bill and Barbara's granddaughter had a daughter weighing 8 lbs. 15 oz and is home from hospital after having to be treated with antibiotics for an infection.
Maypole Dancing

Maypole dancing organised by
Judith Veevers


The year got off to a very bad start as we were all distressed when our Chairman's wife, Barbara Fearon died as she was such a lovely lady. We also got unpleasant health news about a few of our other members.

Our January and February socials were at Samlesbury Memorial Hall when we danced, were entertained and ate lots of food supplied by members.

Our first meet of the season was at Cranage Village Hall and we had the use of the hall for the full meet so were able to have coffee mornings and evening dances. It was our AGM but because of various circumstances we only had five Committee Members out of nine so Bob was promoted from tea boy to Chairman for the meeting! Fortunately everything went OK. Our Committee is as follows:

Fred Fearon – Chairman Barbara Smith - Vice-Chairman Liz Rogers - Secretary Ray Hartnell – Treasurer Vivienne Hayes – Sites Officer Bill Smith – Publicity Officer Bob Hayes – Catering Officer Molly Clouston – MC and Band Co-ordinator Carol Hewitt – Music Equipment Co-ordinator Irene Paddock – Committee Member

It was our first time at Burscough Cricket Club and it was ideal for our needs with hard-standing as well as a field, the hall was a few minutes walk away and a bit further along there were shops and a bus stop to Ormskirk and Preston. Also we had the use of the Club House on Thursday evening and for coffee mornings and the sun actually shone on us!
Walk at Cranage

Geoff Errington led a very pleasant 5 mile walk along the river and through woods at Cranage


Our Harvest Supper meet was the last one of the season at Whittingham Sports and Social Club. We had the use of the hall for the full meet so had coffee mornings and craft sessions and danced each evening. Keith led some walks, although the fields were rather muddy. We had hotpot and apple pie for tea on Saturday.

Bill Smith was disappointed that no-one turned up for our Winter Walk, but a lot fortunately arrived for our first Winter Social at Adlington and we had a lovely buffet as usual supplied by members and our Christmas Social at Adlington was also an enjoyable event.
Dancing at Adlington


A wet weekend was forecast for Tarporley but fortunately, although we did have rain on Friday, there was plenty of sunshine on Saturday and Sunday. People took advantage of the bus stop outside to visit Chester and the Food Festival at Nantwich and we danced two evenings in the village hall and Keith led a walk from the site on Sunday morning.

It was a very nice hall for dancing.
Dancing at Tarporley


Our two THSs at Tywyn and Halsall were once again successful meets made more enjoyable I am sure because of the sunshine this year. At our Halsall meet there were coffee mornings and activities arranged in the hall in a morning and dancing, games and quizzes in the evening. The Halsall meet will be held again from 14th to 26th August 2014. Tywyn will be held from 18th July to 10th August.

Keith and Doreen must be very old because they are now the proud great grandparents of Sofie who is gorgeous and the daughter of Jordan and Denise and no doubt they will be enjoying lots of cuddles. She was actually born on the 3rd September but I had a spare place here for her! Jordan used to camp with us at Halsall.


JULY 2013

Another new site for us was at Station House Nurseries at Burton on the Wirral where we had lovely weather. It was a large flat field overlooking the estuary with paths for walkers and cyclists. A new cafe had opened just down the road and some of our members enjoyed all day breakfasts and afternoon teas there and we danced in a local village hall on two evenings.

We went back again to Askam in Furness and Baycliff for our July rolling meets with five nights at each. Hard to believe we had had sunshine every since Burton and it carried on to the end of our meet, with just a very occasional shower. We were able to use the Club and also had a couple of dances in the village hall. It was a good site with a large flat field and handy for the bus, train and shop and a few minutes walk to the shore. We also had the use of showers and toilets which was a bonus and not something we are used to on rallies.
Boules Competition
Boules Competition at Askam

MAY/ JUNE 2013

We camped at Chelford for the second time for our May Day meet and it was useful with having the hall on site and having the use of it for the full meet. We did have a bit of trauma at first when we found out a new sports court had been built on the field we camped on, but fortunately it was a large enough field to fit us all on and we had hardstanding as well. We made good use of the hall during the day as well as evening and had a table top sale, Jacob's Join tea on Saturday and our usual Cheese and Wine Bring and Share on Sunday evening which always goes down well and the dancing improves as the evening goes on! Judith organised maypole dancing and we helped George Large celebrated his 90th Birthday.

We had a change with our rolling meets this year and instead of going to Wales we went to Shropshire and stayed for five nights at Upton Magna, five nights at Welsh Frankton and five nights at Cockshutt Millennium Hall. It was very enjoyable having different areas to explore. We had some pleasant weather but also some extremely not so pleasant weather! However, everyone got out and about visiting various places and enjoying walks.

Lansdowne Camping at Hesketh Bank was a new venue for us but we didn't have as many join us as usual which was a shame as it is a nice site with a pond to have a stroll around, walks from the site and handy for the bus to Preston or Southport. We danced in the local village hall.

Lovely buffet supplied by members at Chelford


Our first meet of the season was at Bolton Indians Club where we had the use of the Club for the full meet so had coffee mornings and music get togethers and in the evening we danced and had 'spots'. We had a curry one evening supplied by the Club and a Jacob's Join for tea on Saturday where everyone brought along some food to put on the table.

Our AGM was held at Langho Community Centre and the following were elected on the Committee:

Fred Fearon - Chairman
Barbara Smith - Vice-Chairman
Liz Rogers - Secretary
Ray Hartnell - Treasurer
Vivienne Hayes - Sites Officer
Bill Smith - Publicity Officer
Bob Hayes - Catering Officer
Molly Clouston - MC/Music Co-ordinator
Carol Hewitt - Music Equipment Co-ordinator


Lots of room for dancing in the Sports Hall at Bolton Indians Club.


October saw our last meet of the season at Wrenbury which is a nice site by the side of the canal and we had the use of a room on site for the full meet which we made good use of for coffee mornings, music get togethers and a craft session. We also danced in the evening and had a very nice hotpot and apple pie tea one evening.

Bill Smith led a Winter walk round Yarrow Valley Country Park, and despite it being very wet 6 people and Molly the dog joined him.

We had four Winter socials which are a good way of keeping in touch during the Winter and these run from 2.30 pm to 8.30 pm. Bob makes a brew when people arrive and we wander around and have a chat, then there is dancing and probably 'spots' until we dine on a buffet supplied by members about 5.15 pm, after which we have more dancing and 'spots' until about 8 pm when Bob makes another brew and we finished off any leftovers. Normally in an afternoon the musicians have a get together and sometimes we have a band in the evening.

It has been sad that we haven't seen much of some of our valued members this year because of ill health.


Halsall THS was held at an earlier date this year and was an enjoyable meet as usual with crafts, music, singing and dancing but next year will change back to its usual dates which will be 15-27 August.

A lot of our members attended the 50th Birthday Meet of the Folk Group which was held at Weston-on-Trent.

We had a disappointment when our meet at New Longton had to be cancelled because the field was water-logged. It was booked so that members wouldn't have far to travel to dance at the Folk Spectacular at the Guild Hall to celebrate Preston Guild. However, a lot of our members did enjoy dancing along with people from a lot of other dance clubs in the area.

Past Chairmen
Past Chairmen of the Folk Group taken at the 50th Birthday Meet

JULY 2012

We thought we had seen the last of torrential rain after having to abandon our meet at Saddleworth but more arrived while we were at Edisford Bridge, although fortunately we weren't as near to the river this time. This photo was late in the evening on our way down to see what the river was up to and this is the road outside the campsite which was flooded, as was the drive leading to the road. Fortunately the river didn't overflow.

We had a disappointing turnout at Cabus with only 10 units and three of these were visitors which is a shame because it is a very pleasant site.

We had our usual THS at Tywyn and, although the weather wasn't particularly good, it was better than in some areas.
Paddling in the puddle


Our three rolling meets this year were all on Anglesey at Moelfre, Llanfaethlu and Dwyran. We had lots of sunshine for the first week, apart from one wet day but only two days of sunshine the second week with a lot of rain which was very disappointing. However, you have to just get on with it and still enjoy yourselves. We did have the use of a barn at Dwyran so were able to still have coffee mornings and get togethers on the two evenings we weren't dancing.

We celebrated the Diamond Jubilee with a field party at Llanfaethlu and just managed to finish eating before the rain started, then were able to dance in the local hall. We had a patriotic evening on Monday and dressed in red/white/blue and sang patriotic songs and did a Royal quiz.

We had an eventful meet at Greenfield when we had to abandon the meet after one day because of a fast rising river getting ready to overflow after torrential rain. This was very disappointing as it is a lovely area.
Coffee Morning, Llanfaethlu


Colin Paley, a longstanding member of the North West Folk Area was presented with a Certificate of Honour by Anne Dearling, Vice Chairman of the Camping and Caravanning Club. Colin was nominated for the Certificate of Honour because of his services to the North West Region. Valerie Paley was by his side when he received the Certificate which was presented to him at the North West Regional Meet held at St Michaels on the 20th May 2012.
Presentation to Colin

MAY 2012

Another first for us at Chelford Village Hall and a surprise as we had 51 units which is a lot more than we normally have for our May Day meet. It was a very enjoyable meet with a great atmosphere. There were coffee mornings, music workshops, the band played for dancing, Allan Spurr did a craft workshop, Keith Nunnerley led a walk, we had a lovely buffet on Saturday and a Cheese and Wine Bring and Share on Sunday evening. The dancing improved tremendously as the evening went on!!

Photo shows preparations for for the Cheese and Wine evening.
Cheese and Wine evening

APRIL 2012

Members liked the new site we used at Mouldsworth for our AGM meet, but we had a lower turnout than ususal with 14 units as there were various reasons why members could not join us. However, we had three coffee mornings and evening dances and 'spots'. Our Committee now is Fred Fearon - Chairman, Barbara Smith - Vice-Chairman, Ray Hartnell - Treasurer, Liz Rogers - Secretary, Vivienne Hayes - Sites Officer, Bill Smith - Publicity Officer, Bob Hayes - Catering Office, Molly Clouston - MC Co-ordinator, Carol Hewitt - Music Equipment Co-ordinator. We have one vacancy.

Photo taken from Kevin and Pat's van just as we arrived in a hailstone storm.

34 units from the North West Area enjoyed the Easter Meet at Wetherby organised by the Ridings Folk Area.
Hailstone at Mouldsworth

MARCH 2012

Our first meet of the season was at Astley Green Colliery Museum and we had a good turnout of 20 units. Although not a very picturesque site we had the use of a room for the full meet so we were able to have coffee mornings and music get togethers during the day and dancing and 'spots' each evening. The room wasn't very big but we managed to fit everyone in with room to dance as well - just!!

Jim and Liz Rogers became the proud grandparents of twin boys - Andrew and Daniel who arrived four weeks early and had trouble at first with feeding but are now home and doing well.
Dancing at Astley Green
Jim and Andrew
Jim and Andrew
Liz and Daniel
Liz and Daniel


We had two enjoyable socials in January and February at Adlington Community Centre with the musicians able to have a get together in the afternoon in one room and dancing and 'spots' in the hall with a lovely buffet supplied by members.

There is a folk dancing holiday for a week organised by Folk Group Members in February, November and December each year at Parkside, Arnside which is a lovely walking area and a lot of our members go. There are vacancies for February next year and November this year and if you are interested email me and I will pass it on to Judith Veevers who is one of the organisers. This photo was taken on a walk with Allan and Ann Smith and Ian who was staying at Parkside. Bob is our Catering Officer but unfortunately didn't have a key to the canteen so couldn't make us a brew.


We had sad news that Derek Clarke, a member for many years, had died. Fortunately Jackie has family not too far away so will spend Christmas with them.

It is always nice to have some good news to report as well, and little Charlotte Rose arrived three days before Christmas and is the first grandchild of Ian and Maureen Revill and Paula's first child.


Bill Smith led a nice walk round White Coppice on a rather misty day so unfortunately we didn't see the views as he had hoped we would. However, it was a pleasant walk and we didn't get wet.

We had a social at Urmston and fortunately it was warmer in the hall than last year when it was freezing fog outside and one of the coldest days we had had. As usual a nice buffet was supplied by members
Urmston Social


It is always nice to hear of good news instead of illnesses which appear to be happening more often these days in our Section so it was lovely to receive a photo of little Edie May.

Some of our members attended the Autumn Gather at Sykehouse organised by the Ridings Section.

Farmer Parrs at Fleetwood was our last meet of the season and we went out on a high with gorgeous weather for three days which more than made up for the rain on the last day. 37 members had an interesting visit toThe Jacinta Heritage Trawler and over 60 members enjoyed a hotpot and apple pie tea and we had dancing three evenings and were entertained by our talented members
Edie May
Geoff & Nan's granddaughter Edie May


A THS is held at Halsall, each year and runs for 12 nights. This is a very popular meet with music and craft workshops in a morning and in the evening the school hall is used for dancing, games, quizzes, singing, music etc. The site is only a few miles from Southport and the first weekend of the meet it is normally the Southport Flower Festival. You can catch the bus outside to Southport and also to Liverpool.

We also run a THS at Tywyn in Wales and this is on for 23 nights and there are coffee mornings and get togethers in the tent.
Halsall Maypole
Judith Veevers organised Maypole dancing


We had four nights at Salterforth which is a nice walking area and were able to walk into Barnoldwick which is a pleasant town with a lot of individual type shops unlike a lot of the towns today. Two dances and two evenings having a chat in the tent.

Unfortunately we have had more ill health among our members, with treatment for recurring cancers and a stroke. Two members broke their wrist, another one her arm, another her shoulder and another her ankle. Me thinks our members are getting very careless!!

Greasby was an opportunity to visit some lovely places on the Wirral and 15 members took the opportunity to walk to Hilbre Island from West Kirkby as the tide times fit in very well for us. We danced a couple of evenings in the local village hall and had sing-a-rounds in the barn on the other two evenings.
Greasby-Walk to Hilbre
Just had lunch on walk to Hilbre Island

MAY 2011

We had our usual enjoyable meet at Siddington and celebrated the Royal Wedding with a buffet supplied by members. We dressed in red, white and blue, had a Royal quiz, Royal charades and sang patriotic songs. Tony and Keith led walks from the site.

What a change in the weather for our meet at Dale Hey Farm, Ribchester as it was very windy and wet a lot of the time. Keith and Jeff led walks from the site and, although we did get some rain and even a hail shower, we managed to eat our lunch without having soggy butties. We dance in the barn on site for two evenings. Unfortunately Judith Veevers broke her ankle on one of the walks which followed on from Ann Chamberlayne breaking her wrist whilst dancing at Easter and Maureen Downing breaking her wrist the week before at her local folk dance club.

Our three rolling meets in Wales were very successful with five nights at Gwernymynydd, five nights at Abergele and five nights at Carrog, although the weather wasn't very kind to us at the start of the meet with high winds. We had nine dances during the meets and lots of walks and get togethers. Next year we will have three rolling meets on Anglesey at Moelfre, Llanfaethlu and Dwyran.
Royal Wedding Celebrations

Celebration Buffet at Siddington

APRIL 2011

It was the turn of the North West Folk Area to arrange a National Easter Meet which was held at Uttoxeter Racecourse. This was a very successful and enjoyable meet with over 250 units attending. There were a lot of different activities taking place - crafts, music, singing and dancing. The weather was very hot and it was really too nice to be inside. There was a follow-on meet for three nights held at Abbots Bromley and the sun kept shining on us. We had coffee mornings and Bruce led a walk and we danced two evenings in the local village hall Dancing at Easter
One of the many dance sessions at Easter


We had socials at Heskin in January and Adlington in February. Unfortunately Bill Smith was in hospital so unable to lead the walk in February. Our new site at Bolton Indians Club turned out to be a good one, and the chef cooked us a curry one evening and we had a Jacob's Join another evening. Our AGM was held at Kirkland with Catterall Village Hall and our Committee is as follows: Fred Fearon - Chairman Tony Sudlow - Vice-Chairman Ray Hartnell - Treasurer Liz Rogers - Secretary Vivienne Hayes - Sites Officer Bob Hayes - Catering Officer Margaret Sudlow - Publicity Officer Molly Clouston - MC Co-ordinator Carol Hewitt - Music Equipment Co-ordinator. Our powers of persuasion weren't good enough as we still have a vacancy