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19 July - 11 August 2019


The North West Section will have run a successful THS at Tywyn for 40 years this year. The site is close to town, beaches and narrow gauge railway. Regular evening get-togethers are held for a chat but normally there is no dance arranged and folky activities depend on who is camping.

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Website for Tywyn

Alan and Lilian Davies's grandson Matthew
at a music session
Lovely countryside- not always cloudy!
Tywyn Tent
There are get togethers in the tent in the evenings (different tent now)
Trains to visit near Tywyn
An opportunity to ride on the Talyllyn Steam Railway
View of Site Entrance
Site Entrance
Tywyn Music
Paul and Matthew entertain the campers
Tywyn Sunset 
Sunset at Tywyn
 New Steward
New Steward
Barmouth View 
Barmouth from point of Fairbourne/Cader Idris and train bridge
 Dolgoch Falls
Dolgoch Falls


15 August - 27 August 2019


We have run this THS successfully for over 15 years. There is a large flat field for camping and hard standing if desired, and we have the use of the school for the full period.There is quite a large hall which we can use for dancing and crafts, a smaller hall for dancing or music workshops, plus kitchen. The Canal is a short walk away with meals being served overlooking the canal at the local pub, from where you can walk along the towpath watching the canal boats pass.

Each morning there are activities arranged which vary a bit each year. In 2015 some of the activities available were zumba, aerobics, zentangle, line dancing, morris dancing, skiffle, pasta shakers, paper weaving, stitched cards, bunting for the caravan, pom pom people, friendship bracelets, coasters for the caravan, pasta colouring competitions, jigsaws, 4 quiz sheets over the 12 days, and folk dancing to encourage and teach the children and new dancers and the musicians had get togethers in a morning. All these activities won't necessarily be available this year. Each evening there will be dancing, sometimes to a band, people doing 'turns' and family fun with the emphasis on dancing after the tea break.

Halsall is only a few miles from Southport, which is an elegant resort town, with its pavement cafes, tree-lined boulevards and stunning floral displays. Charming Lord Street, with its glass-canopied shops and the stunning Wayfarer’s Arcade, is home to a superb range of specialist shops, high street names and department stores. For a change of pace, explore the 22 miles of beach along Southport’s coastline, with dramatic dunes that are a haven for many rare examples of flora and fauna. The area is also one of Britain’s premier birdwatching locations. There are buses to Southport and Liverpool near the site.

Martin Mere Wildfowl Trust, Camelot Theme Park, Country Houses and Parks, Knowsley Safari Park, visit Liverpool, the home of The Beatles with its two cathedrals, Albert Dock and either ferry or tunnel to the Wirral and great museums. If you like beaches there is Formby Point which is a lovely nature reserve with a gorgeous beach and sand dunes and also Ainsdale beach and sand dunes. The Fylde Coast is worth a drive to visit Blackpool and Lytham, and there is Fleetwood with its Freeport Shopping centre for those attractive bargains and if you like walking the Forest of Bowland and Pendle Witch Country are lovely areas. Rufford Old Hall, a National Trust property is nearby.

Southport Flower Show will be held the first weekend. It is normally cheaper to purchase your tickets beforehand - website

For further details telephone Fred Fearon- Tel: 0161 336 4464 - Mobile No: 07903586947


Band played most evenings

Craft Session
 Games Afternoon
Games Afternoon on a wet day

Dancing Fun

Judith Veevers organised Maypole Dancing

Clogging at Halsall
Charlotte Warin clog dancing
Halsall Fred Breadmaking
We even had a breadmaking demonstration from Fred Fearon-see recipe below

A chance to play music together

Halsall Youth
Making friends at Halsall

Younger members meeting up again another year
Band Workshop 
Band Workshop
Lots of dancing fun
Keep Fit 
Lynn organised a Keep Fit Workshop each morning
 Verity Rose
Verity Rose entertaining us
Morris Dancing 
Morris Dance Workshop
Skiffle Session
 Young Caller
Our youngest callers - Ella and Imogen with John and Elaine
Shoes were taken off to keep the hall clean


Fred's Bread at Halsall - This is the promised recipe for Fred's Bread as demonstrated at Halsall when everyone returned to the caravan with some dough to bake their own. Fred has been making bread for breakfast almost daily for many years. It is tasty, easy and varies according to his mood. Everything is from cold. He mixes all the dry ingredients and then takes smaller quantities and adds any liquids. Basically it is as follows:

Take about half a large bag of any flour, cheapest will do or mix different types of flour. At present bread flour is available at some shops for 48p for 1.5 kilo's 1 individual pack of yeast or ½oz from a large packet. (This will freeze) 1 tsp salt. Mix well Take three volumes of dry bread mix to one of water with oil, but have extra bread mix to add. (It usually needs it). Mix well and knead on a floured board. The dough for the breakfast rolls is made just after breakfast the previous day. Leave in the fridge during the day in a poly bag. Then, last thing, before going to bed, pull off enough dough for the number of breakfast rolls needed. Knead, roll and flatten with a dusting of flour then lightly oil with olive oil and place onto a baking tray in a cold oven to raise overnight.* In the morning bake for 12 minutes on gas mark 5. (In our house)200 oC Switch the gas off, turn the bread rolls over on the tray and put back into the hot oven to slowly cool down. (Use as much of that expensive heat as possible) The rolls are cooked when they sound hollow on the base. Timing varies in different ovens and may take longer.

If the rolls are wanted at lunch time mix the first rising at tea time and knock back in the morning. Bread can also be fried. Let the dough rise in the frying pan and cook for about 20 minutes on each side on a very low heat. The main thing bread making is fun and not as complicated as we were led to believe. Dried yeast is very good tempered and will support a small amount or a large amount of flour.

Experiment: Fred's grandchildren tried "Jaffa Cake" bread which was not as exciting as expected. Eventually the Grandchildren, and Fred, made a chocolate coiled bread: Roll the bread dough into a long thin strip. Coat on one side of its length in chocolate spread. Coil it up with the chocolate spread on the inside. Sprinkle with a little sugar. Leave to rise and bake as normal (12 Minutes gas mark 5). It was scrumptious.

A new thing: Dusting the top of the bread rolls with dried milk powder after they have been flattened and light oiled.

*If baked on a Teflon sheet the dough does not stick, purchased from Home Bargains at £1.99 either round or rectangular and useful for so many cooking situations. Supermarkets also sell it.